Wainwright Global, Inc.


Wainwright Global, Inc.
Wainwright Global, Inc. (WGI) entrena y certifica a personas motivadas por contribuir con el crecimiento personal y profesional de los demás, ofreciéndoles lo mejor para la certificación y entrenamiento profesional como COACH de Vida y Empresarial, a través de nuestro eficaz y efectivo sistema de aprendizaje, basado en resultados notables, y a través del cual ya se han certificado desde hace XX años, XXX coaches profesionales de todo el mundo.
El curso de capacitación “COACH PROFESIONAL CERTIFICADO” de WGI le brinda mucho más..

Nuestro curso incluye:
Curso en línea en vivo, de dieciséis horas para su Certificación
Sistema Profesional de Coaching
Materiales del Curso
Manual de Clases
Herramientas de Coaching
Charlas informativas para desarrollar su negocio (Webinars)
Diploma de “Coaching Profesional Certificado” de EE.UU.en Ingles
Este es un Poderoso, Económico y Fácil Sistema de Entrenamiento
Orientación para crear su Negocio de Coaching
Sistema “Coach Profesional Certificado”
El Sistema Profesional de Coach de Vida de WGI, le proporciona el más completo y efectivo método para ayudar a sus coachees a concretar sus sueños. Con el Certificado WGI podrá ofrecer el más efectivo Coaching de Vida a individuos, negocios, empresas, corporaciones y organizaciones no lucrativas.

Con éste sistema usted adquirirá confianza, conocimiento, y las herramientas necesarias para alcanzar el Éxito.



  • "I loved the freedom to discover all my dreams and hear them back. I now have a solid road to appreciate how to ask questions and anchor myself. I would absolutely recommend this course, in fact, co-create with Barbara for a children's program. I adore this work. Bingalicious!"
    Helice "Sparky" Bridges / Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Difference Makers International, CPC
  • "What I liked most about the course was the flow, the price and the amount of materials covered in 16 hours. I'd absolutely recommend this course."
    Roosevelt M. / Author, CPC
  • I liked everything from A to Z. The class orientation and hands-on experience. The coach personality and valuable information she provided us. i felt the most valuable aspect of the course was the actual practice of writing a vision statement and reflecting on it. This class helped me find my strength, desires and find myself. Thanks Barbara :) I'd recommend this course to anyone who is people-oriented and have the desire to coach.
    - Zahra H. / Professor, CPC
  • I liked everything! My favorite part of the class was related to the creation and delivery of the vision statement. Though the coaching questions seem familiar, when used in the class on each other, showed their true power. I liked the structure of coaching each other for applicable practice. It was priceless in learning and understanding the process. Of course I would recommend this. I am amazed at the discoveries from all of us and know others would benefit. This system can be used in so many contexts!
    - Leslie Key / CPC